CPS Test - Click Speed Test - Click Counter

CPS Test Online. Click Speed Test helps you to find out how fast you can click per second or minute. It is also called Click Counter.


What is CPS Test?

CPS stands for "Clicks Per Second". CPS Test is very helpful to know how fast your fingers work on the mouse or trackpad. In other words, it tracks how fast you press the mouse button. Also, it tells you the exact number of clicks you made within a given time frame. It is also known as click tester or counter.

To start the test, just set the time duration and hit on the orange-colored "Click to Start" box. When you click the first time, the timer starts automatically. Then you have to start clicking as fast as possible. Lastly, when the timer stops, you will get the total clicks, CPS, and CPM. Also, the tool senses the accurate number of click results.

CPS Test - Click Speed Test - Click Counter Online

Click speed test can also be used as a fun game where you can battle with your friends. If your CPS speed is high then ultimately your overall score will increase. At last, the highest CPS person wins the battle.

The click speed varies from person to person. It also depends upon a person's physical abilities and on hardware resources. The high-end mouse has comfortable gripping on its buttons that allows users to easily click on them.

Click as many times as you can to check your full potential. Give your best. Try beating the world record for the highest score of CPS. The average CPS score is 6.51 and the world record for the same is 14.1 according to Google.

How does Click Speed Test Work?

When the user starts clicking, the internal click counter starts adding the number of clicks. Also, the countdown timer immediately starts when the user clicks on the "Click to Start" box. With the successive number of clicks the click counter increases. Finally, when the time gets over, the CPM and CPS results are displayed. The tool senses the clicks without any delay. However, the counter will only work inside the specified area. Therefore, you have to click on the perfect location to get the proper result.

Features of CPS Test

The click speed test tool is equipped with a lot of features which we are going to discuss below.

  • Test Duration: This input box allows you to specify the test duration in seconds. There are some default values from 5 to 60 seconds on the top. You can select any one of them if you want.
  • Total Clicks: It shows you the total number of clicks you made.
  • CPS & CPM: It shows the number of clicks per second and minute.
  • Click to Start: This big orange area is your playground where you have to continuously hit in order to find out your CPS Test result. Click counter will not work if you click outside this area.
  • User-friendly Interface: As you can see the design interface of our tool is very simple and user-friendly. Anyone can easily use the tool without any issues.
  • Most Secure: Our tool is 100% safe and secure. Also, we do not store any type of personal data on our web server.
  • No Usage Limitation: You can use our counter unlimited times. So, it provides an infinite chance for practice to perform better than previous.
  • Browser Compatibility: We have tested our tool on almost all web browsers and it works smoothly on all of them.
  • Mobile Responsive: We have made the Click Speed Test mobile and iPad responsive. So, you can run it on any handy device.

How to use Click Speed Test?

How to use Click Speed Test
  1. Select your test duration from the default buttons by clicking any one of them. Also, you can explicitly enter your desired time duration in the input box.
  2. Start continuously clicking on the specified orange area. The timer immediately starts when you click on the area for the first time.
  3. Lastly, when the time stops, it will show the total number of clicks, clicks per second, and clicks per minute result.
  4. To stop the timer or restart the test, simply press the "Try Again" button.

Challenge Yourself

Whether be for time pass or thrill gaming, you can challenge yourself or your friends to set the highest score of click speed. Some serious gamers compete globally to become the fastest. There are various speed ranges to define your level like Turtle, Mouse, Rabbit, etc.


The total number of clicks in a unit time (second) gives you the CPS. Simply, it is the measure of the total number of mouse clicks you make in one second. Also, you can measure it by the number of clicks divided by the total seconds it took for clicking.

According to our analysis, the average CPS is 6.5.

You must try the following techniques to improve the CPS.

  • Use a gaming mouse rather than a regular mouse. Also, avoid using a laptop trackpad.
  • Regular practice is the key to improve your click speed. You can use our CPS Test tool for daily practice and improve your CPS. To become a pro, you need to practice at least 10 minutes per day.
  • Adjust the mouse sensitivity from mouse settings.
  • Try to play shooting games and try to shoot with as maximum speed as you can.

With this, you can know about your clicking speed and evaluate your position. Also, it can be very helpful for practicing as well as competitive challenges.

The click counter has no limitations on usage. Without any worry use it as many times as you want. It will show the correct result every time. Our tool gives you unlimited chances to practice and improve your CPS.

The CPS below 5 can be said as slow. If it's in between 5 to 8 then it is an average clicking speed. CPS above 8 is said to be a good clicking speed.

Absolutely! Your gaming performance can exponentially elevate when you start practicing your mouse clicking with the click counter tool. Especially in the case of shooting games where mouse click speed matters a lot. Also, it's just not for gamers only. People use it when they stressed and want to feel relaxed.


CPS Test is an All-in-one tool for determining your clicking speed and completely free to use. Also, it requires no registration or signup to start the test. The platform can be used on any device like mobile phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc. It is highly responsive and lightweight. Furthermore, the results are very accurate.